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Black Magic Car Wax


Black Magic has a variety of Car Care Products like wet shine car wash, wet shine liquid wax, wet shine spray detailer, tire cleaner and more. All products are easy to use and provide amazing results. Each product provides something different to the vehicle.

Wet Shine Car Wash has been created by Black Magic to ensure a crystal-clean look. This product leaves your vehicle's paint shiny by removing oily-grime and dirt by it's gel application. Wet Shine Car Wash will also provide a clear-coat without stripping your finish.

Another product made by Black Magic is Wet Shine Liquid Wax. Wet Shine Liquid Wax brings out the shine and reflection on the vehicle's exterior. It was also created to take away surface blemishes, swirl marks and scratches. This is a conditioning cream which provides UV protection.

For detailers Black Magic has created a Wet Shine Spray Detailer. This spray will enhance the vehicle's shine and protect the exterior's surface. The formula was made to remove dust, fingerprints and water-spots off the vehicle's exterior.

Black Magic has made cleaning tires much easier. Their Fast-Acting-Foam cleans the tire with just a spray and makes the tire look like new. This cleaner removes dirt, grime, asphalt, and more to provide the tire with shine.

All of these products will keep your vehicle looking in great condition. Black Magic has continue to prove their success through the years.

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