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Bug Removal


Driving leads to bugs that smear on your vehicle and let's face it windshield washers fluid just doesn't do the job to remove those bugs. Bugs that have sat on your vehicle and have not been removed will eventually eat the paint away causing a big problem.

Washing your vehicle sometimes does not do the job for removing those bugs either. Actually, bug residue lasts for years and can eventually end up scratching your vehicle. However, manufacturers do make products that are available to remove those bugs with not to much work or the lost of a hand.

Protecting your paint's finish is important and if you can eliminate the bugs before its too late you have done your job. Your front bumper can be graveyard for all the bugs that hit it. If you do not have any bug removal products on hand some people say that baking soda removes the bugs. Be sure that whatever you use that the product will not damage the paint and don't leave it on too long because the results may not be good. Also remember to pre-soak the areas that the bugs are to ensure that they will be removed.

If you decide to use a bug removal product, I suggest trying a few before settling on one and only use a little to unnoticed spot the first time you use it. This will ensure that no damage will be done to the paint. You will be happy with the results without doing hard work.


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