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car polishingPolishing is an important part in keeping your car's paint in immaculate shape. Most people get waxing and polishing confused. Polishing cleans your vehicle's paint by removing all of the dirt, industrial fall out and swirls marks from the paint. Waxing is what  sup post to be done after the polishing process has been completed. The wax adds a protective coat to the paint helping to prevent paint damage. For more details on car waxing click here!


Before polishing it is essential to have a clean smooth surface. Using a high speed polisher on a dirty surface can prove to be disastrous. Think of polishing your car with sand paper. That is pretty much what you would be doing and at 1000 RPM you can easily damage, burn or chip the paint completely. Not only should you wash the exterior very well, you should use detailing clay. Detailing clay has been used by professional detailers for quite sometime, but just recently has it been introduce to the public. Detailing clay removes contaminants that washing can't. It safely removes a cleans deep inside of the paint. It is also great for removing bugs, tar, overspray, sap and so on.


Be sure that you center your polishing pad onto the polisher to get the best results; you may use a centering tool that you can purchase at your local hardware store. If the pad has been used, use a spurring tool to remove all loose debris and to clean the pad. Be sure that you check the abrasive level of the wax, normally the less abrasive the more wax the product has in it. Apply a thin line of was directly to the paint and buff at the products recommend speed, normally low. Allow to come to a haze and remove with a terry towel. This should give the paint a new shiny wet look. Your next step is to proceed to waxing. You can learn more here!

 Polishing tips:

Polish one panel at a time

If  using an high speed polisher, be sure the paint surface is damp

Wash your towels with a liquid softner, this keeps the towels soft and fluffy

Try to polish & wax in the shade


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