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Many people wash their vehicles weekly, but half of them are not washing their vehicles right. Cleaning the vehicle properly makes life easier the next time you clean your vehicle. If you do not do the job completely, it will be much harder and longer next time around.

Before you start here is a list of items that you will need to get the job done. First you will need a hefty bucket filled with water and good car soap. Next get a mitt or sponge of some kind to wash the car with. Then have a chamois used for drying and a brush to clean your wheels / tires. Lastly, use a wheel cleaner to shine up your wheels and tires nicely.

Follow these steps to ensure a good cleaning has been done to your vehicle. Rinse car thoroughly. Then wash the front bumper really good to get the bugs that are imbedded into the paint off. Use a light brush if necessary, but do not rub hard and excessive. Let the soap suds sit on the bumper for a few minutes and start to wash the hood of the car using a mitt or sponge. I personally like to wash from front to back, so I know what I have covered.

After you have washed the entire body of the vehicle, rinse the soap off. Then wash the windshield and windows of the vehicle making sure all the dirt is gone. Dry the windows immediately with a chamois or terry cloth, so there are no water spots or streaks. Then dry the rest of the vehicle. Later, clean the wheels and tires good with a brush to ensure all the road grime and dirt has been removed. Then spray some tire cleaner / shiner on the tires. This will make the tires look brand new.

Here are some extra car washing tips:

  • Rinse all sponges, brushes, mitts and chamois after using, so the next time you wash your vehicle you are using clean tools.
  • Do not use dish soap to clean your vehicle.
  • Try to wash your vehicle in the shade, so the sun does not leave water spots from drying so fast.
  • Place a spray nozzle on the end of your hose. This will things much easier and conserve water at the same time.
  • Rinse your sponge, brush or mitt frequently.
  • Spray down the undercarriage real good to remove all mud and dirt, scrub with a brush if necessary.


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