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Car waxMost people really underestimate the importance of waxing your car, truck, boat etc... I would like to explain in a way that is simple to understand. Look at it as if your were on the beach, the first thing you do is put on sun screen right? Sunscreen protects the skin keeping the harmful UV rays from damaging your skin. Your vehicles paint goes through the roughest of weather conditions, rain, snow, wind, and of course the sun. Cleaning your vehicle paint and coating it with quality wax will help protect it. Things that you don't even see get imbedded in your car's paint such as tar, bugs, industrial fall out etc...If not cleaned and protected your paint will eventually fade, crack and or chip.


You must look at your vehicle as an investment. Most of us spend well over $20,000.00 or more for our four wheeled beauty. This is your second largest investment that you will purchase in your life time. So take a minute and properly maintain the paint. Be sure to read through the different car wax articles to learn about the history and benefits of each of the waxes. I listed the ones that I think are the best on the market!

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