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Waxing your vehicle can be an easy task with the proper help and tools. Since waxing is not done every time you wash your vehicle, when you do wax your vehicle it needs to be done right. Take your time to prevent swirls from appearing on your vehicle's surface. Restoring your paint's finish can be accomplished while providing maximum protection.

Waxing can be applied many different ways, manually or by the use of an electric buffer. If done by hand there is more work, but I believe it looks a lot better and gives the vehicle a perfect shine. Choose a good car wax and stay away from the cheap stuff or the wax job will not be to your satisfaction. Follow these quick steps:

After washing and drying your vehicle thoroughly, apply car wax to a towel or a damp wax sponge then rub small circles of wax on the vehicle's surface. Use a little car wax at a time and avoid spaces and small cracks because it is harder to get the wax off. Work a small section at a time and wait for it to fully dry before rubbing in the opposite direction with a terry cloth to remove the wax. Some waxes will dry in a white color to let you know that the wax is ready to be removed.

Shake out the terry cloth real good ensuring no wax buildup is left on the cloth. Wipe the entire vehicle down after applying all wax to ensure no wax is left behind. If there is wax applied in the cracks, use a small toothbrush to remove the wax immediately.

Quick Car Waxing Tips:

Do not leave wax on the vehicle for too long, especially after two hours.

Use expensive waxes to ensure the best of wax jobs.

Apply nonabrasive waxes to your vehicle.


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