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Carnauba Car Wax


Carnauba Wax is made in Brazil and is derived from the leaves of a plant called the carnauba palm. This palm is known as queen of waxes and comes in various forms. In the automotive industry, this wax is known as the finest of quality. This wax leaves any finish with perfect shine and can be applied with just a damp cloth.

Among the different Carnauba Car Waxes is the P21S wax. This wax was actually voted the best car wax by car enthusiasts. It has been said that no other wax performs like P21S Carnauba Car Wax. P21S Carnauba wax is made with Brazilian Carnauba wax and German waxes. This wax is hand poured and is easy to use. Apply this wax and you will virtually see no residues. This wax is used as a top coat and provides maximum shine.

A wax like Carnauba car wax produces a deep shine that cannot be attained with a sealant. This wax will also provide long-lasting protection ensuring your vehicle with a show car finish look.

Carnauba car wax is a safe wax that is pre-softened that can also be used by machine if you are a professional detailer. This wax will produce a high durable shine and protect against UV rays of sunlight. See for yourself and try this car wax today!


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