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Detail Clay


Detailing clay is a fairly new concept to the public, something professional detailers have used for quite sometime. Detailing clays main purpose is to remove contaminants like, overspray, bugs, tar, hard water spots etc...There are different grades of detailing clay that can be purchased depending on what is trying to be lifted from the paint. Detail clay is essential to properly cleaning your cars painted surface, it uses no hard abrasive chemicals and is normally very safe for most types of paint. Things you must do before using the detail clay.

Detailing clay Steps:

 Clean and wash your car with high quality soap removing as much dirt as possible. When washing pay close attention to the front panels of the car as this is where most of the overspray, bugs, tar etc... Will be.


Dry your vehicle with a 100% cotton terry cloth.


 In order for you to appreciate and understand what detailing clay does, get a sandwich bag and place it over your hand and gentle rub the front end of your car. You will feel all of the embedded pollution and overspray. The purpose of the bag is to magnify the dirt to the touch.


Get your detailing clay and clay lubricant or soapy water and gently rub the area your are trying to clean in a circular motion. Then place the sandwich bag over your hand and rub the same area, you will now see all of the dirt, tar, overspray has been lifted.


There are a couple major mistakes people make when cleaning there car. First they polish there car with a high speed polisher when the car has not been properly prepped to do so. When you polish your vehicle with dirt embedded in the paint it creates swirls because those little dirt particles are like sandpaper, if you use a high speed polisher you can harm the clear coat and paint very easily. So it is very important to polish clean paint.


Second major mistake that people make is waxing or sealing over the dirt and grime. This makes it almost impossible to get out the next time you go to clean the exterior of your car. Waxing over dirt also makes your paint look dull and each time you wax over the dirt it loses a little bit more of it brightness.


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