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Mequiar's is a trust worthy industry and have been proving their quality since 1901. Millions of customers, such as detailers and people like you and me purchase their products regularly. Not only does Meguiar's produce one of the finest of car care products in the world, but they also provide a wide range of detailing products for cars, trucks, boats, RV's and more! They are also experts on car cleaning techniques and tips. Meguiar products can be found almost everywhere and are well worth every penny.

There are multiple car waxes that Meguiar's provide for their customers. Since there are millions of people that buy there products, they have to please everyone individually. Some people pay to have professional detailers, detail there vehicle and other like to clean or detail their vehicles themselves. There products are extremely versatile provide top quality.

Meguiar's a class of three different car waxes, which are liquid car waxes, paste car waxes and spray car waxes. All three waxes are formulated and design to your preference.

The most versatile wax sold is the cleaner wax. This liquid car wax is a one step wax that provides perfect results on all finishes. With the multiple daily drivers on the road today, this wax is able to make cleaning vehicles seem easier. Its unsightly gentle ability to clean by rich conditioning oils makes things easier for drivers on the road today.

Through the years, scientists have been researching the newest of technology even for car waxes. Meguiar's has created the NXT Generation Tech Wax Paste, which is wax powered by Engineered Synthetic Polymer (ESP) technology. This wax provides advanced protection for your vehicle's paint. With this product there is no more buffing and hard work. This paste wax will eliminate swirls in the paint and protect your vehicle against UV rays, leaving your car's finish with unbelievable shine.

Spray waxes are being used frequently because they are very easy to use and do not take much time to apply. They offer great protection on your vehicle's paint and increase shine dramatically. With this wax, all you have to do is spray it on and then wipe it off and in minutes the job is done. It doesn't matter if you use the wax wet or dry because the results are the same and fantastic.

I believe that a person should use the product that best works for them and since everyone's lifestyles are different, Meguiar's has made it much easier.

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