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Mothers Car Wax


The Mothers company centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri has a wide selection of waxes, polishes, cleaners and more! Mothers has been serving customers for years and has proven their perfection on car enthusiasts for over thirty years. These products have been used at several auto shows around the country. Mother's has some of the finest quality products around.

The interior line consists of leather cleaner, leather conditioner, carpet & upholstery cleaner, protectant and glass cleaner. These interior car cleaners are ultimate cleaners and can be used for many different reasons.

Taking care of your leather is extremely important and should not be taken lightly. With a pH balanced formula created by a Mothers chemist, this ultimate leather cleaner lifts stains and removes dirt from your leather to leave it looking like new.

Another great product to use on your leather is the leather conditioner, which is formulated with lanolin and foot oil. This leather conditioner will ensure a longer lasting look and preserve the natural oils in your leather. It will also seal the leather from cracks and sun exposure by the protective barrier included.

Stains and marks can be removed with Mothers Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. This tough cleaner works on carpet, velour, cloth, vinyl and sheepskin. It will turn those big jobs into small jobs making easy to pull up those stains on your interior.

Protectant is a product created by Mothers which protects and preserves your dashboard. This product will recondition your dashboard and also works on bumpers, trim, vinyl, tires and more!

Cleaning your glass can be frustrating and times because it is not easy to remove bugs and streaks from your windows. Look no further to Mothers glass cleaner, which really works and will get grime and dirt off your windows. This product also leaves no streaks and can be used on tinted windows.

Mothers Waxes come from a wide range of Carnauba waxes to polishes & waxes which are included in their pain line. All waxes are easy to use and leave the vehicle with a perfect shine.

Preserving your paint will lead to a longer lasting exterior and Mothers has designed a one step Carnauba Cleaner Wax to preserve your paint to the fullest with just the use of a easy liquid paste. This wax will clean and protect your vehicle with just one application. There are all different steps used to provide your vehicle looking new.

Try these products on your own and see fantastic results. You will not regret spending your money for something that really works. Your vehicle's look is important especially if you are paying payments on something you use daily.

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