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Remove Grass Stains


Grass stains are common stains found on your car's interior and unfortunately, they are unavoidable especially when there are kids that are involved. Going to parks or just being in the presence of nature is a wonderful pleasure for everyone, but with great fun comes unwanted stains from the grass.

As troubling as it may seem, grass stain are actually one of the easier stains to get out of upholstery. You no longer have to worry about getting grass stains in your vehicle. No one wants stains that are noticeable and thanks to what the future has brought, that is no longer an issue.


Try these tips and techniques to remove grass stains

Mix 1 teaspoon of digestive enzyme powder found in any health store with water to make a paste and then apply it to the stain. Let it sit for at least an hour. Rinse and then blot dry.

Apply Karo syrup to the grass spot with a towel. 

Mix together baking soda and water. Then let it form a paste to apply on the stain. A few minutes later apply a little bit of white vinegar to the stain and work it in real good to remove the stain. 

Saturate a sponge with alcohol or benzene. Then rinse with water. 

Work mild dish soap into the stain and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Apply a mild sodium perborate bleach or hydrogen peroxide to the stain and then rinse with water.


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