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Remove Grease stains


Remove grease stains

There are many different types of greases, you have grease from your car (most common), cooking grease etc...There are different techniques for removing grease stains from your car upholstery. The most common method is using your ordinary dish washing liquid. You have probably heard the saying, dishing washing liquid is great at cutting the grease well it really is. Here are the basic steps for removing grease from your upholstery.



Apply a small proportioned amount of dish washing liquid to the spot. 

Allow the dish washing liquid to penetrate and soak into the fabric for a couple of minutes.

Agitate the spot with hot water.

Use a hot water extractor or a wet/dry shop vac to lift the spot.


Allow the spot or stain to air dry



Follow these steps and your grease stain should lift, repeat if necessary. You may also make a laundry detergent paste which is as effective, mix laundry detergent and water, follow the steps stated above.



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