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Stain removalRemoving stains from your vehicle's interior can be accomplished by you instead of paying a professional to do the work for you and paying a fortune, here is a guide to tell you the steps involved to getting those stains out for good. If you don't follow the proper steps, you will end up damaging the upholstery or making the stain worse.

First, you want to identify the stain before applying any products on the interior because if you place the wrong product on the interior you will then have bigger problems on your hands. Actually, there are different ways to clean the interior of the vehicle depending on the kind of stain you have. Certain products remove the stain and other products only spread and make the stain worse.

Next, after you have identified the stain you want to soak up as much of the liquid that is left with a white terry cloth towel. This step may also help with identifying the stain. You always want to clean the stain as soon as it happens if you can, so there is no smell and a much better chance of removing the stain completely. Most stains will come out if you try these tips and techniques right away. However, they are not guaranteed, but have been used time and time again.

After you have soaked up most of the stain, you want to scrap the remaining portions of the spot with a dull knife or a plastic razor. This will sometimes get a lot of the stain out before you even have to apply any products to the stain. If you do not have access to a dull knife just try to grab as much of the stain up with a rag or towel.

Just remember not to scrub the stain because it will only spread and be much harder to remove. Scrubbing is also more work for you in the long run. I also wanted to let you know that after you get the stain out, you will need to let the area dry. I would even suggest that you use a shop vac or vacuum of some sort. Now all you need to do is follow the steps below properly through the guide and you will succeed. Good Luck and don't let the stains get the best out of you and your vehicle's interior!

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