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Teflon Car Wax



Teflon wax has been proven to protect the interior and exterior of the vehicle from dirt, grime, scratches, dust and more! Teflon is a non-stick wax designed for today's modern finishes and clear coats. This wax leaves the paint with a rich, reflective shine with long-lasting results.

Teflon is available is liquid or spray form and can be found almost anywhere these days. Teflon works in half the time than regular car wax does. It is used like a primer and gives a glossy finish.

Teflon wax offers the use of a quick touch-up between waxing. There is no effort used when applying this product because of it's easy on easy off application. This wax will also reduce swirl marks, other fine scratches and more! Pick some up in your local automotive store, so you can see the results for yourself.



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