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Tire Cleaning Dressing


Tires get extremely dirty and worn, so it is your job to protect your tires from long term damage. Protecting your tires involved cleaning and maintaining them. When you was your vehicle most people forget to clean their tires, but it is essential and completes the entire cleaning job. Here are some tips to cleaning those tires and making them look like new.

I preferably like to wash my tires last, after washing the body of the vehicle. It completely depends on you though and what works best for you. Some people like to wash their tires first because they believe it prevents overspray on the vehicle. You will not get overspray on your vehicle unless you do not watch where you are spraying.

When I wash my tires I like to use soap and water, but I use a different bucket that is separately from the bucket I use to wash my vehicle. Try to use a different brush or sponge as well to prevent from getting any dirt and road grime on your vehicle.

Rub the tires with a soft bristle brush real good to ensure all the dirt is removed leaving the tires extremely clean. If the tires are not clean enough the dressing will not shine your tires and tends to come off easily.

When deciding on a wheel cleaner, check around real good and ask some of your family members. Be careful because what may clean their wheels may not work on your wheels. Speak to someone in an auto store about the type of wheels you have and what cleaner is appropriate for you. There are cleaners that are safe to use on all wheels, so make sure that if you do not know what type of wheels you have buy only these safe cleaners. They will work just as good.

Now if you do like to use a cleaner for your tires instead of just soap and water, try gel tire cleaners. They work great and cling to the tire to remove all dirt, brake dust and grime. This gel works just as good for wheels too. Place the gel on the tires and rub with a soft bristle brush.

Scratching can happen often, so to refrain from getting scratches use a brush with feather bristles. There are varieties of brushes to choose from, but feather brushes work the best and prevent scratches when used.

Finally, dress up those wheels just like you would dress up your dash board and interior. Dressing up the tires makes your tires look brand new. Dressings also allow the tire a slight shine and sleek look. When I put dressings on my tires I like to use the spray kind. It works a lot better for me. Remember to wipe down the tires first before you place any kind of dressing on your tires. Good Luck!


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