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Turtle Car Wax


About 60 years ago in Chicago, turtle wax was created and company was formed. Around the world, Turtle was has been the number one selling brand of car care products and can be found in over 90 countries. Their retail lines are distinguished between performance and manufacturing appearance. All their car care products are available for consumers and professional detailers. Turtle wax is a car wax that anyone can use.

When it comes to the Turtle car wax line, there are so many to choose from. They have the super hard shell wax, 1 step wax & dry, express shine wax, Carnauba cleaner wax and much more! With these car waxes you can concentrate on more important things.

Here are some of the products benefits. The Super Hard Shell wax is legendary for the protection it brings to the vehicle. It leaves a long lasting shine with incredible results. The easy on, easy off formula provides the vehicle with up to 12 months of protection.

The 1 Step Wax & Dry provides your vehicle with the quickest way to a high gloss shine. All you have to do to use this car wax is follow these three steps. Wash car, Spray on and let dry. This wax makes life easier because it does the same job as a professional wax would do with little time. Just 1 bottle of 1 step Wax & dry will wax up to 17 vehicles.

With Express Shine there is no more hard work rubbing. This wax allows you just to apply and then wipe dry leaving your vehicle with a bright shine. Now does that sound easy or what? It will not leave any powdery residue and provide long-lasting shine. You can also use this wax for a perfect clear coat and see fantastic results.

Carnauba Cleaner wax provides superior cleaning and protection for clear coat finishes. Its enriched premium formula provides the vehicle's glossy shine and repels water to keep the vehicle from being damaged in any way. This wax also protects against UV rays.

Make the move and try these waxes out for yourself, you will not be disappointed or regret the decision. After you have, your car will look new!

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