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Zaino Car Wax Products


Zaino's products are designed to make ordinary cars look like show cars. To them everyday your car should look great and I personally agree with that statement. Their advanced products range from car polishes to cleaners to protectants.

Z-1 Polish Lok is one of the polishes used on show cars and is in the Zaino's polish line. This is a pre-cleaner and primer that has been created for clear-coat finishes. When used the level surface will enhance light refraction and reflectivity. Z-1 Polish Lok is easy to apply and will provide optimum paint finish results.

Zaino has accomplished the impossible with Z-2 Pro. Z-2 Pro provides unbeatable gloss, depth, shine, reflectivity and clarity. This product also provides durability and protection to the vehicle’s finish. Z-2 Pro is also easy to use and works within minutes. You do not have to wait to see results and leaves no residues on your trim. With this advanced technology, Z-2 Pro will give your vehicle quality shine in an instant!

Among the cleaners Zaino offers there is the Show Car Wash. Z-7 Show Car Wash cleans and conditions the vehicle paint. This product enhances the gloss on the painted finishes. It is blend of special cleaners and prevents scratches and swirl marks. Suds are important when washing a vehicle and Show Car Wash provides lots of suds when washing your vehicle.

Leather Soft Spray Cleaner is a cleaner that gently cleans all fine leather surfaces safely. There are no harsh detergents used on this product, which contains a blend of mink oil and lanolin. It will protect the natural oils in the leather to make it look like new. After using, it makes your interior soft and has that new car smell to restore your vehicle. This will also provide protection from cracking leather.

Zaino's products are unlike anything that you have used before on your vehicle. These products are guaranteed and have been used on the vehicles in the Hot Rods, Truckin, Super Chevy and Corvette Fever magazines. This product has been the #1 used products in the auto industry and has maintained the highest quality. Zaino's products are used worldwide and have continued to grow.


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